26 October 2014

Swarovski pearl earings....

made with Silver and swarovski pearls 
...For a special sister-in-law!

24 October 2014

More cool chairs!

Here are three lovely chairs, all designed by Italian Architect Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia.
I especially like the foldable leather chair!

Iuta '14

23 October 2014

Cool chair

Here is a really cool chair by designers Lili Gayman and Julie ArrivĂ©: Le FeuilletĂ© 
I didn't get to try it, but it looks comfy as well as cool. And you can slip your magazine in it while you sip your coffee!

15 October 2014

Lean and clean

Here are some illustrations I made last year for my husband's Lean consultancy. They represent the 'Five Ss' practice which is used in Lean management to tidy up work spaces and make them more efficient. Now I really should have a declutter of my workspace too!
This is where I always put my spanner

2 October 2014

Interviewing Lot Bakker of Lot of Architecture and Design

Lot, short for Charlotte, working on a painting
This month I had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Lot Bakker, Dutch Architect, Designer and Illustrator and owner of 'Lot of Architecture and Design'. Our Skype chat starts with a house tour of Lot’s apartment in Delft. Her quirky flat is arranged over two stories plus an attic. Every floor has a worktable where Lot keeps many different materials and tools to draw, sew, and make holes in things.