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Interior design
You want to give your home a make over and don't know where to start. Plus you also have a tight budget.. Or you simply can't afford the time to make mistakes. That's where I can help you find your way through the many options.

Moodboard and Colour scheme (approx 80 Euros/room)
Following your needs, taste and desires, I help you create a couple of custom moodboards and select a colour scheme combining paint, textiles and style.
With this service you will receive an A4 PDF files containing high resolution images of the moodboard we will have created. You can print it our and take it with you as you go shopping for your home!

Shopping list (approx 90 Euros/room)
There are lots of beautiful products on-line and in stores for the home. I help you find exactly what you wand and need, then prepare the perfect shopping list following your budget, dreams and taste!
With this service you will receive a digital PDF by email containing the shopping list and the description of each product.
Note: I do not have sponsors so products are recommended solely on the combination of my taste and your guide lines.

New layout (I help you design your dream space!) (approx 250 Euros/room)
If you are approaching a thorough makeover of your home you might want to reconsider the basic layout of your rooms. Is the furniture in your house in the right place? Could you create a more harmonious living room just by moving things around and adding or taking away a piece or two?
I'll help you design the perfect furnished space to suit your needs. Then you can reuse and repurpose the furniture you have, or we can create a shopping list if there are pieces missing or that need to be changed.
With this service you will receive a plan of your chosen room, 1:20 scale, as a digital product. you can then print it and take it to a local shop if you need to buy any new furniture.

I work as a team with an Architect on big projects, and in renovation projects.

Quotes vary slightly depending on the size of the room.
Contact me for a precise quote: 

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