24 November 2015

Designing my workspace

Today I am looking for ideas to style my workspace.

I have a home office that is currently full of boxes and very untidy. My plan is to make it into a beautiful study where it will be a pleasure to work, make art, and even do my accounting! : )

Following a friend's advice, I've decided to treat myself as a client and to give myself a proper consultation... It might sound a bit strange but I think I'll get the job done better this way!

So here is my step by step plan.
1. Define client profile
2. Define client's needs
3. Look for visual references
4. Create a moodboard and choose palette
5. Design space
6. Furnish room
7. Decorate and style

Over the next few months I'll update the blog as I progress towards my dream study (hopefully it won't take too long!).
Anyway. So far I have reached step 3.

Step 1.
Woman, 33 years old.
Job: Interior designer and Illustrator who works from home.
Relevant hobbies: sketching, jewellery making
Notes: tends to be untidy, has lots of art supplies and boxes of old cards

Step 2.
A tidy organized workspace.
Desk with space for laptop, lamp and space to draw
Bookcase with books and space for filing
Space for art work and art supplies, jewellery kit, photocamera, printer.
If possible fit in sofa bed or daybed.

Step 3.
I have been keeping an eye out for inspiration in magazines and online. Here is a peek of all the inspiring photos I'm gathering in a Pinterest folder to start getting a feel of my dream study.

SFgirlbybay via Pinterest

In my next post about my study I'll define the palette and create a moodboard.

So far I have a loose idea of the colour palette: black, white and pink. This choice is based on my personal taste and on a few items I have in my study that I want to keep. My bright pink laptop-stand, a black paint brush holder I received as a gift from a friend, my white desk and bookcase.

If you are also redecorating and styling your workspace you might like to read these articles:
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PS: I'll be working on a workspace 'for him' after I've finished my study!

PPS: remember how I like spotting cool design blogs! Well looking for photos for my sudio I found this lovely blog called SFgirlbybay. Worth a visit!

note: Photo credits and links under each photo. All photos via Pinterest.