27 April 2015

Fun at the Fuori Salone, Part one: Flowers and Swings

Fuori Salone part one: Palazzo Serbelloni, San Babila

Here is the account of the first part of my trip to Milan to see the Design Week and the Furniture Fair. This year I was only able to be in Milan for one day, so I spent the morning at the Fuori Salone and the afternoon at the fair grounds. It wasn't really enough, ideally you need at least a day at the Fuori Salone and a couple of days at the Fair (or the other way around depending on what you're interested in) but I still managed to see lots of nice things and had a great time!
I spent the morning near San Babila and visiting via Durini, where lots of the most well known furniture stores are based. My Milanese friends took me to a couple of interesting places, Palazzo Serbelloni and the Università Statale.

Our tour started at the Duomo, Milan's Cathedral

From the Duomo underground station we walked along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where all the different flags of all the countries taking part in the Expo 2015 are diplayed.

We arrived in front of San Babila Church where we were meeting our friends. Here I noticed the front of Zara Home which had an interesting floral display to attract visitors. Unfortunaley the shop was shut (they opened at ten!) so I only got to peer through the window. All nice stuff for the home... Still I like the display (although I was hoping it was made of real flowers, but I suppose it would have been a very high maintanance display!)

Zara Home in San Babila

A detail of the floral facade

Spotted this car which was part of Elle Decor's exhibit, Design for Life, which unfortunaltely I did not have time to visit.

Pallas Iniezione Elettronica

Elle Decor's exhibition was in the Palazzo Reale

Visited Palazzo Serbelloni, the Palace where Napoleon used to stay when in Milan. Here there was an interesting installation by Caesarstone, called Movements and designed by London based Philippe Malouin.

One room had a series of swings. Each seat was made out of a different type of stone and you were allowed to use them!

The swings before anyone had used them
Everyone liked the swings
More fun on the swings

Another room had vases made of differet marbles with surfaces finished in different ways.

Stone vases and a beautiful chandelier

stone vases and chandelier

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