5 April 2015

Aspettando il Salone del Mobile


7 reasons to visit the Salone.

These are some pictures I took last year at the fair. I have been wanting to share them for some time and now, with the fair starting in just over a week, seems like a good moment!

This is the building where the main part of the fair takes place, where designers and producers exhibit their work.

The 'Fiera di Milano', in the town of Rho in the outskirts of Milan, was designed by Italian Architect Massimiliano Fuksas and his team, in 2004. 

Here is what it looked like on a beautiful sunny day last April. 

the pavillions are joined together by a long open air sheltered street.

spot the supermum with the baby in the sling!

some pavillions are two stories high. there are restaurants and caf├ęs

Visit the Eurocucina pavillion if you love designer kitchens

Water and light are the main elements in this building

I hope you enjoyed this selection of photos. Have a wonderful Easter day!

If you would like to read about my first visit to the Salone del Mobile here is the link to my posts:


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  1. Great pics Lou! Made me want to go visit the salone some day! Tarah