26 October 2015

Golden colours and autumn magic

Today the screensaver on my phone is a row of trees with golden leaves. And outside my window there are lots of beautiful colourful trees. Oh, and it's raining too!

When I was little Autumn was my favourite season because I like the crunching sound of leaves, the way trees show off their amazing variety of colours, and the feeling that winter is on its way, which to my childhood self, meant Christmas! Ok, it still does, of course! And I still love Autumn..

Last week, I was leafing through one of my interior design magazines when I came across an article about the colour of the year for 2016. Akzonobel, a Dutch paints and coatings company, have created Colour Futures to study trends in the use of colour for interior design. The colour 2016 will be Cherished GOLD.

Well that's just what I need to get me into that cosy Autumnal feel!

So I have set up a folder to fill with Gold inspiration on my Pinterest account.

some leaves I picked up on my way to work this morning

I'l leave you with this song by Mika....

16 October 2015

Inktober and drawing for fun

Over the last few months I have started keeping a sketchbook on a regular basis. I have always had a sketchbook, but I used to use it very randomly, with very little method, just when I felt like it. Recently I have come across various books and blogs that have encouraged me to make sketching a daily habit.

As a result I started using my tumblr account almost daily. A few weeks ago, while looking at other artists' work, I came across the hashtag Inktober and wondered what it was. I looked it up and discovered it's a challenge started in 2009 by Jake Parker, which now takes place every October.

To take part all you have to do is make art using ink (add colour if you like) and post it on your social media with the hashtag #inktober, throughout the month of October You can do a daily sketch, weekly, anything that helps you get into a habit. (I know it's a bit late to start, but if you wanted to you could draw for 30 days in a row, and that's the same really).

So for the past three weeks I have been drawing in pen, occasionally adding water with a paint brush.

You can see my work here. It's rather random but fun!

If you want to see other artists' work just type #inktober or #inktober2015 and you'll come across lots of very interesting ink drawings.

If one wanted to they could set up their own personal challenge. What would yours be? You could pick any theme really and just go with the flow!

9 October 2015

Design blogs that rock

You know those websites and blogs you fall in love with at first sight, and then keep going back to for inspiration? Well I have quite a few. I often get carried away browsing the net and admiring all the great photos and posts I find.

So here are some of my favourites:

design sponge: an amazing blog beautiful and inspiring

la tazzina blu: even if you don't read Italian, this blogger posts lovely home tours, wishlists and styling ideas

la volpe rossa: an Italian blog about Interior design by a young Student of design. This blog is super new and is really worth a visit!

Theydrawandcook: the website founded by a brother and sister illustrating duo, publishing illustrated recipes and now illustrated food as well.

Theydrawandtravel: their sister website that gathers illustrated maps by illustrators worldwide.

And my latest favourite:

Koosje Koene illustration - a blog written by a Dutch illustrator, who share her tips and pages of her sketchbook. If you like drawing you'll love her draw tip tuesday posts!

Plus I have recently started using my tumblelog (ladybirdskecthes.tumblr.com is my online sketchbook on tumblr) more regularly and keep dicovering really inspiring blogs by artist and designers!

There are so many beautiful blogs and websites on the internet, I am in awe of all the people running them and sharing their work. It's so inspiring and I feel priviledged to be able to see all these photos and images...

Do you have a favourite blog?

New blog new home

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed my blog has had a little revolution!

It is now called: laura's blog...
And the address is laurastratta.blogspot.com

It is still going to focus on Interior design, design and my drawings.

Over the next few weeks I hope to give it a design revamp. I hope you will like the changes!

Ciao for now!!