9 October 2015

Design blogs that rock

You know those websites and blogs you fall in love with at first sight, and then keep going back to for inspiration? Well I have quite a few. I often get carried away browsing the net and admiring all the great photos and posts I find.

So here are some of my favourites:

design sponge: an amazing blog beautiful and inspiring

la tazzina blu: even if you don't read Italian, this blogger posts lovely home tours, wishlists and styling ideas

la volpe rossa: an Italian blog about Interior design by a young Student of design. This blog is super new and is really worth a visit!

Theydrawandcook: the website founded by a brother and sister illustrating duo, publishing illustrated recipes and now illustrated food as well.

Theydrawandtravel: their sister website that gathers illustrated maps by illustrators worldwide.

And my latest favourite:

Koosje Koene illustration - a blog written by a Dutch illustrator, who share her tips and pages of her sketchbook. If you like drawing you'll love her draw tip tuesday posts!

Plus I have recently started using my tumblelog (ladybirdskecthes.tumblr.com is my online sketchbook on tumblr) more regularly and keep dicovering really inspiring blogs by artist and designers!

There are so many beautiful blogs and websites on the internet, I am in awe of all the people running them and sharing their work. It's so inspiring and I feel priviledged to be able to see all these photos and images...

Do you have a favourite blog?


  1. Great post! Like the new format and everything!...definitely this blog is in my "Blogs that rock list 😃"