16 May 2015

Round-up from the Salone Satellite

Just over a month ago I visited the Milan Furniture Fair. The Fair is really big, and ideally you need to spend three days there to see everything... I only had half a day, (I spent the morning at the Fuori Salone, which you can read about here, if you like), so I decided to focus on a select few pavillions and areas. My first stop was the Salone Satellite.

The Salone Satellite is a part of the main Fairgrounds dedicated to young desingers, most of them just starting out, all under 35. It's a fascinating area of the fair, where very fresh ideas and prototypes are displayed in wooden four-by-four stands, each designer standing next to his work, unless he's on a coffee break or visiting the fair. Unlike the rest of the Salone, which requires a ticket, it can be visited for free.

After spending a few hours there, taking pictures and asking questions about the products, I had plenty of business cards and leaflets in my handbag, and I had seen many noteworthy designs.

Here are some of my personal top 10 designs, the designers and the links to their websites:

Furniture by Studio Pousti, Iran.

Myriam Pousti and her Furniture, which requires no screws or glue

Andusa and Terrasse by SCMP design, Switzerland

Andusa, outdoor-indoor vases

Terrasse, a carpet inspired by patios and gardens
photos SCMP design

Mood Cups by Frederique Ficherouille, Belgium.

Ceramic 'Mood cups'
Fugu bag and Samurai Chair by Benwu Studio

Fugu bag has inflatable shock proof padding
Samurai chair and Sumo chair upholstery

As if from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds, Ireland.

'Rings' lamp by Garay Studio, Spain.

Rings by Garay Studio
Photo by Garay Studio

Concrete by Anna Badur, Germany

'Concrete', photo from Anna Badur's website
Photo Anna Badur

Zlata Light by Kimxgensapa

Plug in baby and Edu Wardrobe Daniel Wehrli Industrial design, Switzerland

A new way to take your shoes off

A wardrobe made using minimum material

Wooden Aquerel by Maike Harde, Germany

Wooden Aquerel

There were lots of other interesting designs so if you would like to see other round-ups of the Salone Satellite here are the posts from two of my favourite blogs:

La Tazzina blu's personal top 10 of the Padiglione Satellite

- Design Sponge: Dipatches from the Salone Satellite

Photos by Laura Stratta, unless otherwise stated. (credits under each photo)

12 May 2015

Fun at the Fuori Salone - part three, Università degli Studi

Fuori Salone in Milan...

Here is the third and last part of my tour of the Fuori Salone.
After visiting the main furniture stores in via Durini, our Milanese friends took us to see part of the exhibition by Interni - Energy for Creativity at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

'Il Rossetto', the lipstic, was slowly spinning round

In a separate courtyard there was an installation by Daniel Liebeskind for Oikos, an Italian brand that produces sustainable paint and varnish. The sculpture called 'Future Flowers' was part of the launch of a new range of colours. Even the lizards liked it!

a lizard sunbathing..

Photos by Laura Stratta

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Next up is my round up of the Salone Satellite!

If you'd like to read more about the Fuori Salone you can read my previous two posts: