12 May 2015

Fun at the Fuori Salone - part three, Università degli Studi

Fuori Salone in Milan...

Here is the third and last part of my tour of the Fuori Salone.
After visiting the main furniture stores in via Durini, our Milanese friends took us to see part of the exhibition by Interni - Energy for Creativity at the Università degli Studi di Milano.

'Il Rossetto', the lipstic, was slowly spinning round

In a separate courtyard there was an installation by Daniel Liebeskind for Oikos, an Italian brand that produces sustainable paint and varnish. The sculpture called 'Future Flowers' was part of the launch of a new range of colours. Even the lizards liked it!

a lizard sunbathing..

Photos by Laura Stratta

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Next up is my round up of the Salone Satellite!

If you'd like to read more about the Fuori Salone you can read my previous two posts:


  1. Amazing photos, thank you very much for a great post, you make it sound fun and interesting.

  2. Really cool pics! The red installation looks like something at the Biennale, very interesting

  3. Thanks guys! Yes it was fun Angela!
    You're right Charlie. I'd like to see the red installations from above!