10 November 2015

Interior design and my first renderings

Two years ago I started a masters program at a local school to specialise in designing interiors. Now I'm preparing my final project for the exam in December.
Each student has to redesign a fictitious appartment which needs renovating according to the needs of imaginary clients.
I have been given an imaginary couple as my clients. They are in their forties.
Our teacher spelled out their interests and hobbies. She's a university professor and loves cooking. He has a travel agency and collects artwork.

I have designed the appartment. The clients wanted a master bedroom with on suite bathroom and wellness area. A guest room/study/gym (!). A guest bathroom. A kitchen, dining area and lounge (which in my project are one open space). Lots of space for their books. Their art collection dotted around the house.

Now all I have left to do are the 3D renderings (in Italian they call these 'i render'). These are the perspective drawings of the various rooms created using a 3D model to which you add materials, colours and lighting to create an image which resembles a photograph of what the house will look like.

Renderings take a long time to make and require a lot of expertise if they are to be of high quality. There are professionals who specialise solely in making renderings for other designers. However there are some special computer programs that enable you to make quick renderings, very useful to give your client several options and to make changes along the way. These type of 3d images are used especially in the retail business, for example in shops that sell furniture, kitchens and bathrooms.

A rendering is very useful to give your client a feel of a space. Together with plans, sketches and moodboards you should be able to imagine exactly what the designer is dreaming up.

Over the next few weeks I'll post a few renderings of the appartment. Here is the one I made last night of the 'bagno giorno', the guest bathroom. I use to make renderings when I did my internship in an architects studio, but they had often been set up by other designers and I just had to add bits and bobs, change the colours or materials. This is the first time I do one completely on my own, from the design itself to the 3d model, from the lighting to the materials, so I'm quite proud of myself!

il bagno giorno - rendering


  1. What a good explanation of a a 3d rendering (or "I render"), o didn't know all those details! Great bathroom, it looks like a hyperrealistic painting and I think one could spend hours jn there ��

    1. Hey Charlie, glad you found it interesting! I still need a lot of practice with renderings... :)