28 February 2014

Passion for painting

This is the begining of a journey. I am searching for a way to put my love for painting, drawing and desing into something that makes sense. So far this passion of mine for everything visual (I should really add photography and architecture to the list) has left me with a vast amount of sketches, sketch books, watercolours, pastel drawings, a few oil paintings, doodles in my journals, a bunch of hand made earings, photographs, a degree in Architectural Sciences, and the everpresent feeling that there is something I am supposed to be doing that I can't quite grasp.

So far I have got this far:
- illustrated two stories written by my wonderful late grandma.The books were then sold for charity through the association she used to be a part of;
- produced some cartoon illustrations for my husband's business and one for my brother's website;
- did some portraits for family and friends;
- I am now studying to specialise in Interior Design.

Ok, I shall grant, this all sounds a little bit existential, but the point is I am going to be recording my progress and finds here.

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