18 April 2014

Recovering the satellites at the Salone del Mobile

Milan Design Week - Salone Satellite

Tucked away, at the end of one of the four pavillion entirely filled with kitchens, there was a special exhibition for young designers and design students. Here numerous small stands made out of wood pannels stood in a row. Tables, chairs, objects for everyday life, and sometimes the designer too, sat there waiting to be noticed.

This was a really interesting part of my trip to Milan and I am sorry to say I did not have time to see all the stands or take as many pictures as I wanted to (though my friends would say I took lots).

Here are some of the ideas that made me stop and look twice.

Young German desinger Meike Harde standing by her classy and chic furniture and lamps.

Dossofiorito and their very original 'green' idea, where plants and flowers seem to be a little bit into their looks.

an orchid checks her reflection

Liquen Lav young Spanish architect and designer Valentin Sanz with his prize winning bench/table. 

Valentin Sanz with 'Mas' bench and 'Farolera' lamp

'Mas' can be a table, a bench, a chair with a side table...

Sphere and quadrat, a slick collection of tables made of woods and metal, by Polish-German designer Olga Bielawska.

Tepfenhart Design, who were unsuprisigly out of business cards, displaying a wood and metal table, which can easily be transformed into a bench.

Fn:two seats eight people

Fn:two as a bench

As I made my way round the Salone, University of Koln and Koln International School of Design (Kisd) students were in the middle of sorting their display for 'Gute Stube', where modules are used to create a 'design it yourself' space.

'Gute Stube' ready for a game of chess

If you ever get the chance to go to the fair don't miss the Salone Satellite!

All photos in this post were taken by me.

Ps: 'Recovering the satellites' is an album by Counting Crows.

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  1. Brilliant photos, show a very kind sensitive caring and intelligent perspective