8 September 2014

Pinboard fun and cool hooks

For anyone looking to accessorize a small hallway or room here are two objects I really love.

Pinorama, by French designer Inga Sempé

This perforated metal grid has a cork panel at the back so you can  pin cards, notes and postcards on it.  You can add a mirror, a small shelf, and a pen holder. It would go really well in a hallway, or above a desk, or even a sink!

Pinorama in blue

Pinorama in white

Hook by Danish designer Line Depping

Hook by Line Depping

Made of compressed ashwood, this minimalistic, original and multitasking hook is produced in several colours.

(By the way, I'm not sure why the yellow net bag had been left on the floor, but that's very cool too!)

PS: Some of Inga's work is now on show at the Design Museum Holon in Tel Aviv, as part of the collective exhibition 'GATHERING: from Domestic Craft to Comtemporary Process'.
Photos by Lou

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