24 December 2014

Lunch break with Elisa - English version

This month's interview is the first one I didn't use Skype for! I managed to book my friend Elisa Muterle for a Christmassy coffee and a chat. Elisa works as an Architect for a team of local Architects and occasionally designs houses and furniture with her husband, who is also an Architect (they sign their work ViVrA studio). Elisa is creative and full of original ideas. She loves making stuff out of recycled materials, dress making, knitting. Recently she has made some beautiful bags out of recycled newspapers and advertising posters. A wooden table produced and exhibited locally. And a seating sistem for the parish choir, where Elisa will be singing Christmas songs with her friends.

I asked Elisa for some tips on how to add a designer touch to the festive season! And a few ideas from her family Christmas!

Me|a table
Choir seating sistem
A trip for the festive season? New Year in Turin! There are the Luci d’Artista, ideal for all art lovers. The museo del Cinema, and many exhibitions... My dream destination. New year in a city in Northern Europe. 

Ideal Christmas Menu? My family tradition is to have tortellini in brodo or pasticcio di lasagne and cured meat. For dessert we have my mum's tiramis├╣ and panettone!

How do you wrap your presets? I like to use brown wrapping paper, possibly in two tones, so I can fold the edge. To tie the present I use kitchen thread and make a nice bow. For something extra? Make a bow out of strips of paper and staple together. 

How do you decorate the table? A neutral tone for the table cloth and colourful decorations. For example I make water lilies with paper and then make a center piece by adding fruit and a candle. 

How do you add a touch of style to a room? My husband and I have recently bought a stencil online. We placed the silouette of a little girl holding balloons at the top of the step ladder we have in a bedroom. So it looks like she has climbed up the steps to catch the balloons. It's not Christmassy. You can use them all year round! 

Your nativity scene? A wooden musical box with all the figurines attatched.

Your Christmas tree? This year my husband and I made it out of paper. He made the tree out of cardboard and I made the baubles using they are origami patterns. Next year I'll work on a version with lights! 

Your Christmas outfit? Something comfortable and pretty. Thick tights or leggins and a wool or knitted dress. This year I'm using a brwon dress I made especially for Christmas day!

To find out more about Elisa visit:

ViVra Facebook page

For her creations we have to wait next year! (I will add photos when I get hold of them!)

I hope you are enjoying my series of interviews. The New Year will bring new interviews with more creative ladies and lots of inspiration and ideas for us all! Merry Christmas!

Copyright: All photos used in this post belong to Elisa Muterle.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this very xmassy interview! Thanks for sharing it!